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The SCRUM Master has day-to-day contact with your project or operational teams to confirm that work being performed is directly related to your expected objectives. How many times as a business owner or a client did you “assume” people were working on your assignments or projects, and that they understood your expectations? And then when you are shown the final product, it’s not what you had in mind at all. This wastes time and money. SCRUM masters work with Product Owners and Release Train Engineers to agree on a clear understanding of deliverables. The SCRUM masters then check-in with the SCRUM teams daily to confirm what is being worked on, what has been completed, and what roadblocks are potentially in the way. The SCRUM masters also host incremental demos with the Product Owners to get feedback and direction on any work performed so far. This keeps everyone aligned and in agreement as to what is expected, an insures that there are no surprises when the final product is delivered.

The Practical Results SCRUM Master


Daily Stand-Ups

Clarity and Accountability. Know what your team is working on every day and identify roadblocks as soon as possible. Align all your teams around common goals and high-value deliverables.

Backlog Grooming and Prioritization

It’s impossible to work on everything all at once. Having an organized backlog, and reviewing it regularly, will ensure that the most important items get done first.


Impediments. Distractions. Conflicting information. Having someone dedicated to finding solutions allows the team to focus on their work.

SCRUM Master for Businesses

Ask yourself the three questions below.

If you are unclear about an answer, reach out to Practical Results Coaching for an initial consultation about your organization’s SCRUM Master needs.


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