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Visualize Your Goal

Commit to Moving Forward – No Excuses

There are very few people who know exactly what they want to do. And even fewer who can stay focused on getting results day in and day out.

The truth is that life often conspires to keep us away from achieving the things we really want. We are distracted by family, friends, work, news, pop culture, bills, fast food, commitments, responsibilities….

Yet some people manage to do it.


What makes successful people different from your average Joe?

The answer: Unwavering, No-Excuses commitment to Moving Forward towards a Visualized Goal.


A Visualized Goal is something you can see in your mind’s eye. You can almost feel it. Your body subtly reacts every time you think about it.

You breathe deeper. The air clears out your lungs and your head at the same time. You get a jolt of adrenaline. And its just the boost you need to take one step closer toward that goal.


And that next step could be anything.


If the goal is to move into a higher position at work, it could be picking up the phone to volunteer for a new project.

If the goal is to move to another company or another state, it could be updating just one section of your resume.


What if you have no time because you are over-booked with work and family commitments?

Maybe your goal is finding pockets of 5-10 minutes where you can accomplish small tasks that move you forward.


The point is, any small step you take will make a difference. But you can make progress only if that step is in the right direction! You have to know where you are going.


Of course there are distractions! (“Check out this viral video!”)

And conflicts! (“This meeting conflicts with your Monthly Mentor Check-in”)

And people are going to test your loyalty to your convictions.
(“What do you mean you can’t meet me for happy hour because you have to work out first?!”)


You need to quickly assess each of these interruptions to see how far they will throw you off your path, and then take decisive action. Are you will to take time and energy away from getting where you want to go in order to go down someone else’s path?


There is physically, scientifically, and psychologically no way to get from point A to point B except by continuously moving in the direction of Point B. And that requires keeping a visual lock on where Point B is at all times. Successful people know this and live their lives reaching one milestone after another. They have decided where they want to go, how fast they want to get there, and they are moving in that direction.

It’s time to figure out Where You Want To Go?

Picture yourself as one of those successful people. Where are you? What do you see? Where are you going?

Now contact Practical Results Coaching and together we will draw the map to get you there.

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