Practical Results Coaching | Grantwriting
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Grant Writing

Successful “grant writing” requires that you treat both words in that phrase will equal diligence. The first part, “grant”, represents the challenge of finding a funder who is interested in giving real dollars towards the completion of a project or goal. Not just any project or goal, but a project or goal that is aligned with your organization’s mission and capabilities. The second part, “writing”, represents the art of using words on paper to convince this funder that your organization is well-positioned to take on their project, and to complete it better than anyone else.

Practical Results Coaching approaches grant writing

from 4 different directions

to increase an organization’s chances of receiving a grant.


Assessment of Grant Eligibility

Don’t waste time applying for grants you don’t qualify for. Let us read over the grant criteria and brainstorm as to how your mission or project might fit the grant’s requirements (or not).

Proposal Review

Grant funding is heavily predicated on how well your proposal answers all the questions the funder has. We can be that additional set of eyes you need to make sure you present your responses in the best light.

RFP and Estimate Solicitation

Prove to the funders that you’ve done your homework. Submit to them a solid estimate as to the project’s cost and the timeline based on actual bids from named consultants. We can help you define your project in terms that consultants and vendors need in order to give you accurate Statements of Work and Project Estimates.

Proposal Writing

You may check off all the boxes the funder is looking for, but you won’t get the money unless someone writes the proposal and submits it, on time, and in the required format. Outsource this to us.

Grant Writing Self-Assessment for Non-profits

Ask yourself the three questions below.

If you are unclear about an answer, reach out to Practical Results Coaching for an initial consultation about your organization’s grant writing needs.


What Is The Grant For?
How Do We Qualify?
Who Will Write Our Proposal?