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Practical Results Coaching specializes in SAFe Agile

for both Project Teams

and Operations Teams

Agile Coach

Adopting an Agile Mindset — Plan. Execute. Review. Adapt. Don’t just go through the motions and call yourself “agile”.

Portfolio Planning — Take the time to define strategic priorities, and align all current work streams to the outcomes that matter most.

Preparing for the Transition — Breaking down silos and building cross-functional teams. Also, prepare your traditional managers to take on an Agile Role.

The Practical Results Agile Coach

Release Train Engineer

Program Increment Planning (PI Planning) — Align all your teams around common goals and high-value deliverables.

Agile Release Train Synchronization — Keeping everyone on track and managing dependencies so that everyone arrives at the same destination on time.

Engaging Product Managers and Product Owners — Traditional People Managers and Project Managers will have to adjust to new Agile Roles. They can do it, but they need support and coaching.

The Practical Results Release Train Engineer →

SCRUM Master

Daily Stand-Ups — Clarity and Accountability. Know what your team is working on every day and identify roadblocks as soon as possible.

Backlog Grooming and Prioritization — It’s impossible to work on everything all at once. Having an organized backlog, reviewing it regularly, will ensure that the most important items get done first.

Problem Solving — Impediments. Distractions. Conflicting information. Having someone dedicated to eliminating roadblocks allows the team to focus on their work.

The Practical Results SCRUM Master →

Helping Your Business Become Agile

Wendy Ronitz-Baker is a SAFe Agile Certified Release Train Engineer and a Certified Professional SCRUM Master. Her understanding of human motivation and resistance to change along with her commitment to the Agile Methodology makes her the ideal person to lead and coach your teams to adopting the Agile Mindset.

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