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Depending on the size of your organization or the grandness of your mission, you could have the same challenges and headaches as a small business or a giant corporation.

While the spirit of your mission may inspire volunteer participation, the reality is your board and committee members may not have all the skills and expertise needed to run the “business” side of your non-profit.


Enlist Practical Results Coaching on an AS-NEEDED basis

to supplement your current board and committee work.

Grant Writing

Assessment of Grant Eligibility — Don’t waste time applying for grants you don’t qualify for.

Proposal Review — Grant funding is heavily predicated on how well your proposal answers all the questions the funder has.

RFP and Estimate Solicitation — Prove to the funders that you’ve done your homework. Submit to them a solid estimate as to the project’s cost and the timeline based on actual bids from named consultants.

Proposal Writing — You may check off all the boxes the funder is looking for, but you won’t get the money unless someone writes the proposal and submits it, on time, and in the required format.

Technology Consulting

Assessment of Operating Environment — What applications and platforms are you using to manage donors, track membership or audience numbers, and prove fiscal responsibility?

Documentation and Training — Make sure everyone who needs to use the technology knows how to login, navigate, and use it.

Project Management — Who in your organization is going to shepherd your new initiative through from Vendor Engagement till Sign-off?

Strategic Planning

Goal Definition and Defined Outcomes — An organization’s mission may never change, but as the organization adapts to meet the changing needs of their beneficiaries and new capacities are developed, the goals must change with them.

Resource Allocation — The most well-written and narrowly defined Strategic Plan will never be executed without the proper resources.

Implementation Plans — This is the “How” part of your strategic planning. It’s critical and it’s the part most organizations fail to do effectively.

Negotiable Rates for Deserving Non-Profits

Wendy Ronitz-Baker of Practical Results Coaching was the President of the Meriden Arts Council for 8 years. She was also part of the State of Connecticut’s Peer Advisor Network as a Technology Consultant. In addition to her own grant writing experience, she also served on a grant review panel for the Greater Hartford Arts Council. She is currently the Treasurer and Past-President of the Wallingford Chorus. This is all in addition to the volunteer work she does several other non-profits. So she knows that budgets are tight, resources are stretched, and non-profits need all the help they can get.

That’s why we are willing to work with non-profits to figure out a budget that makes sense.

Don’t put off getting the help your organization needs because you think you can’t afford it. As you know, where there is a will, there is a way. Talk to Practical Results Coaching before you apply for your next grant, spend money on an application, or hire vendors. It costs nothing for our initial consultation.

Email for Initial Consultation

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