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We specialize in assisting clients who want to Move Up or Move Out of their current position

Practical Results Coaching is definitely the right match for you if you want to move up in your line of work, or if you are ready to move on to something different. Our approach, however, requires us to take a look at all the priorities, commitments, and roadblocks in your life. This means there is always an element of life coaching and business coaching mixed in with our strategies around professional development.

Our coaching methodology touches on multiple elements which influence success.

Career Advancement
Career Advancement
Business Initatives
Business Initatives
Career Transition
Career Transitions
Time Management
Time Management
Health Goals
Health Goals
Life Events
Life Events

We deliver our coaching in different ways to meet the needs of our diverse clients

As part of our practical approach to coaching and achieving results, we provide clients with the coaching they need in the format that works best for them. We realize that not everyone has the time, schedule, or flexibility to sit down face-to-face for a weekly coaching session. Yet there needs to be a consistent, ongoing conversation between you and your coach to order to receive the maximum benefit from the engagement. That is why we are committed to offering the same level of service regardless of whether it’s through a chat window or via video. During your Trial Session you will discuss which of the coaching delivery method(s) below you would prefer to work in.

  • Trial Session
  • $0/ Monthly
    • Get to know your coach
    • Set at least one SMART goal for yourself
    • Brainstorm next steps
    • Review Coaching Delivery Options
    • No obligation to continue

  • In-Person Coaching
  • $125/ Hour
    • Privately held in your home or office
    • Work on multiple goals simultaneously
    • Sessions held weekly or bi-weekly to keep you focused
    • Recommended for people who crave a distraction-free time to think
    • Email Trial Session to get started

  • Coaching Mobile
  • $75/ Monthly
    • Includes 1-hour coaching session per month via Skype or Google Hangouts
    • Up to 100 support messages via SMS or Messenger
    • Unlimited email support
    • Perfect for busy people who need “in the moment” coaching

  • Walk 'n Talk
  • $25/ Walk
    • Fit in both exercise and coaching at the same time
    • Walk at least 3 miles while receiving coaching on your goals
    • Coffee or Bottled Water provided
    • Best for people who like to meander and multitask